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Wallisellenstrasse 11
8050 Zürich-Oerlikon

044 311 31 17

Opening Hours (kitchen till 10 pm):
Tue–Fri 11:30 am–2:00 pm
Tue–Sun 5:30 pm–12:00 pm
Wed+Thu Lunch Buffet 

– Cooking Courses
– Catering
– Veg and Halal Offers
– Take Away

Wine can be a great combination with Indian Food. We indroduce you to the Wine and Food Pairing with a special Indian Menue pairing of Wines.

You will enjoy a 4 course dinner with different aromas and spices from the Indian Cuisine. With the somelier, Dirk Wasilewski from Delinat, we learn and tast about food pairing with a special twist - spices and wine. 

In the price of Fr. 95.- you will enjoy the four course menue with a special selection of wines.

Reservation required at 

We indroduce you to the secrets of the Indian Cuisine! You learn all about spices and how to use them. Togheter we cook different  courses of an Indian meal and enjoy our creation in the group in our restaurant. Courses include tuition, a welcome drink, a recipies  booklet and meals. 

Sunday September 27, 10 am-5 pm: introduction to the ayurvedic cuisine and spice tradition of South India. We put a special emphasis on use and effects of spices. The course is concucted jointly with the ayurvedic therapist Sonja Gubler. (Fr. 200 per Person)

Saturday October 10, 11am-7pm: Indroduction to the Indian Kitchen including a visit to an Indian grocerie store (Fr. 140 per Person) 

Sunday december 5, 12am-7pm: Indroduction to the Indian Kitchen  (Fr. 140 per Person)


If you whish to have a private tuition with your group (min. 10 persons) please contact us for a date. 

We serve a four course gourmet dinner with produce from the Waterbuffelo from a farm in Zürich Seebach. The lean meat is healthy and delicious. We make Paneer, an indian fresh cheese, as well as ice creame from the rich milk. The Farmers, Mr. and Ms Küchler will attend the dinner and will tell you something about their farm and farm shop. 

3. September, 6 pm price Fr. 75, reservation at

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